YWCA Canada Store


  • YWCA Canada Triangle Necklace

    A modern, geometric and minimalist necklace, with a little open silver triangle frame attached to fine silver chain. Simple, dainty and chic, this piece is great for layering or as an easy-to-wear everyday piece.The triangle,...


  • YWCA Pewter Brooch (with box)

    Handcrafted hammered pewter brooch, individually packaged in its own gift box and proudly displaying the YWCA Canada symbolic triangles.


  • #NeverBlametheVictim Tote Bag

    Support the Rose Campaign to End Violence Against Women by purchasing a #NeverBlametheVictim tote bag. Totes are made of canvas.


  • #NeverBlametheVictim T-Shirt

    Support the Rose Campaign to End Violence Against Women and Girls by wearing a #NeverBlametheVictim t-shirt. Shirt says "still not asking for it" on the front, #NeverBlametheVictim logo on the back. Made of ultra soft bamboo...


  • Rose Campaign Buttons

    Commemorative Rose Buttons supporting the YWCA Canada Rose Campaign to end violence against women and girls.  *For organizations that are looking to purchase Rose Buttons at a cost of $0.50 for resale with proceeds going...


  • Macarons à la Rose

    Macarons à la Rose commémorative du 6 décembre pour soutenir la campagne des Roses de YWCA Canada visant à mettre fin à la violence faite aux femmes et aux filles. *Pour les organismes qui veulent...


  • Empezar de Nuevo (Fresh Start)

    Una guía en español para mujeres que se encuentran o han experimentado situaciones de violencia o abuso en sus vidas. Empezar de Nuevo apoya a las mujeres latinas para crear un plan de seguridad, tomar...


  • Fresh Start® — Revised and updated version — Single Copy

    This easy-to-use-and-understand reference guide looks at the cycles of violence and helps to create a detailed safety plan for women to achieve security, wellness and economic independence. Completely updated, Fresh Start™ explains in simple terms...


  • Rose Campaign Tote Bag

    Show your support the Rose Campaign to end violence against women & girls with this environmentally friendly 18" x 14.5" tote bag.