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YWCA GirlSpace Toolkit on 1 GB USB key

YWCA GirlSpace Toolkit on 1 GB USB key

YWCA Canada is pleased to present the YWCA GirlSpace Toolkit. YWCA GirlSpace reaches out to girls with quality programming addressing key social issues facing young women. As a signature Turning Point Program™, GirlSpace aims to address the dearth of girl-only programs by offering girls the opportunity to increase their awareness about violence and its root causes, while exploring identity, personal achievements, and building positive self-esteem.

The GirlSpace Toolkit is designed to provide girls' program coordinators with programming and activities to engage young women in discussing issues that are important to them. Designed to be motivating, fun and accessible to all participants, it challenges girls to reflect on important issues that affect their lives by:

• Increasing the capacity of young women to make informed choices in their lives.
• Enabling program workers/facilitators to use the activities to effectively engage young
women on issues that affect their lives.
• Strengthening the capacity of program workers/facilitators in working with young
women engaged in GirlSpace activities.

Modules include:
Module 1: Healthy Relationships 
Module 2: Violence Against Women 
Module 3: Media
Module 4: Bullying
Module 5: Self-esteem
Module 6: Body Image 
Module 7: Decision-making
Module 8: Internet Safety 
Module 9: Sexual Health 
Module 10: Mental Health 
Module 11: Physical Activity
Module 12: Nutrition 
Module 13: Substance Abuse and Addictions
Module 14: Your Rights
Module 15: Budgeting 
Module 16: Anti-racism